Nights You Won't Remember, With Friends You Won't Forget EP

by My Sweet Fall

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released September 21, 2012



all rights reserved


My Sweet Fall Indianapolis, Indiana

Hey everyone! We are My Sweet Fall.
Five guys from Indy, who want to play music to the world.

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Track Name: Live It Up
She told me things
she swears she never even told herself.
And I'm scared to be with her
cause' she could have anyone else.
I bite my nails so short,
I swear I'm biting to bone.
I stress the little things
when I lay in bed all alone.

So take your shot,
hit this night with everything that you've got
and we won't stop
till the cops are called and we're on the ground.
so live it up,
cause the world we know is falling apart.

I'm drunk off cigarettes
abuse my lungs till they're black and blue
I'm avoiding certain spots,
cause most of them remind me of you.
And I've got a foul mouth
cause i never know what to say
I'm only comfortable
when i'm singing with my friends on this stage
Track Name: So It Goes
The sunlight's gone
(and you're far from home)
but i can't apologize for my actions
A swift justice
to the heart that is forever rusting
I swallow sadness and it makes me weak

and i can't say that this will last forever,
it's not forever.
It doesn't mean you're on your own
the sound of whispers fill my head
I'll wake this shaking when i'm dead
this is harder than you know.
It's all up hill from here.

It's not the time for goodbyes just yet
just turn around for one more step
cause i know whats going on,
this isn't going to be fun
I'm following my heart,
is that so wrong i'm moving on.
I'm moving on!

(it's all up hill from here)
how did this go how does it end
did it go according to your plan
was this what yo want?
now's not the time for this
not the time this
(you're always right)
Track Name: Rock Bottom
Well I made a few friends this year,
and I made a couple enemies.
So i bottled them all up,
To let them live inside of me.
I tried to separate myself
from who i am
and what i was
but I could never run far enough,
my past always caught back up.

From the top,
the bottom looks so far away
and if you trip,
you'll probably lose everything.
I've been there once,
you'll get there too.
it's not so bad,
I assure you.
We all live life
in fear of death,
dwelling on the thoughts
that make you sick.
It's in your past,
so move on.
It made you who you are today.

I'd be lying if i said
that i don't miss you
and I don't wish you were
Here with me.
Laying in my arms,
or kissing in my bed,
or just driving in my car,
You have my heart.
Track Name: Die Happy
this is a breakout!
so spotlight the stage.
performing actors,
who have all been trained
by their mentors
who've all become slaves
to do the same damn show,
the exact same way it was wrote!

being yourself doesn't sell anymore
so fake your smile,
don't let them all know
every word you say
is for popularity
grab the money
and go
take it to your grave
(it's the only way you'll die happy.)

This is a stake out!
and for all that you know
you've got a picture perfect wife
waiting for you at home
but what you don't know
is she isn't at home
and what HE won't know
is she isn't alone
Track Name: Make You Mine
You don't know what you want
and girl it's driving me crazy
cause I spend all my time running around
just trying to figure you out

so go on,
if leavings really what you want.
I'm not trying to make you stay,
I'll be fine
in the long run maybe!
I'm not waiting around
for you to call me
or getting nervous
when I hear your first name
all I really wanted was to make you mine
but you didn't have the time.

So if i changed my style,
would it be enough
to steal your heart,
am i pushing my luck?
cause darlin' this is killing me.
I try to hard.

You're always on my mind.